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Meet the humans behind Legacy Ranch

As the breeder behind Legacy Ranch Australian Shepherds. Holly has over 20 years of experience in breeding and raising these amazing dogs. Her passion for the breed and commitment to ensuring the health and happiness of every Aussie she raises are the driving forces behind the breeding program. She’s committed to raising the best companions possible, striving for genetically healthy dogs that have great minds and bodies to ensure they have the best possible chance of long, happy, and healthy lives.

Lindsey grew up working and playing with Australian Shepherds learning under Holly. When she decided to leave home she joined the Navy. She has spent the last 10 of her 14 years of service, working and training military working dogs. She has had the privilege of learning from some amazing individuals inside and out of the military in how best to develop great working dogs from puppies to fully grown. She really enjoys teaching obedience and detection the most. She’s currently expanding her knowledge working with trainers in Texas as well as volunteering her time with Search and Rescue and other entities to broaden her understanding of civilian uses for canines around the world.

Audrie has worked under Holly for many years learning the best breeding practices to ensure healthy animals. She also specializes in the ‘people’ side of the business and runs the day-to-day communication.

Our Story

Legacy Ranch began over two decades ago when Holly fell in love with the Australian Shepherd breed. Since then, the team has been committed to growing the breed responsibly and helping others enjoy healthy, happy Australian shepherds. Over the years we have been blessed with many repeat customers, and we love watching our dogs grow up with their new families.

In order to produce the highest quality Australian Shepherds our dogs are

  • OFA Certified
  • Genetic Tested
  • Socialized at an early age
  • Introduced to various toys and environments to encourage development

All dogs deserve the best chance at a healthy, well-adjusted life in a loving home. We've created a set of standards in collaboration with leading veterinary and animal welfare science experts that puts the health and well-being of dogs first. We screen every member of our community for responsible practices and are committed to helping people find a dog from a source that prioritizes the welfare of their dogs.

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