Puppy Checklist: What to Bring and What to Ask When Visiting Breeders

As fellow dog lovers in Colorado, are you excited to bring a new furry family member to your home? Whether you’re a seasoned dog owner or a first-time pup parent, visiting breeders to find the perfect puppy can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. Being experienced breeders, we emphasize being well-prepared and informed. Read the following article as the ultimate puppy checklist. This will ensure a fun and memorable parenting experience for you! 

Ask the Following Questions for Your Puppy Checklist: 

Since When Are You Breeding Puppies?  

At the very beginning, you need to know the breeder. Ask about their experience and how long they’ve been breeding puppies. An established breeder who has been in the field for some time likely has valuable insights and a proven track record of responsible breeding practices

Have Health Tests Been Performed on Parents?  

Responsible breeding practices are a top priority. Inquire whether health tests have been conducted on the puppy’s parents. If you want healthy puppies, then health testing is mandatory to identify potential genetic problems. 

Can I Meet the Parents of the Puppy?  

Meeting the parents will give you a fair idea about your future puppy’s temperament and behavior. Minutely observe their behavior and decide if they are suitable for your family. 

How is Your Experience with this Breed?  

The puppies that a breeder produces greatly differ depending on how well-versed they are in the breed. Inquire about their experience with that breed in particular. 

Know about their dedication to understanding breed-specific health concerns

Have You Completed the Necessary Vaccinations of the Puppies?  

Vaccinating puppies is very important for their health. Inquire about the vaccinations the puppies have received and request documentation. You’ll feel relaxed to know that you’re bringing home a healthy pup. 

Is there Any Health Guarantee?  

Reputable breeders stand by their puppies’ health. Inquire about any health guarantee they offer. A responsible breeder will often provide a limited health guarantee to assure you of the puppy’s well-being. 

Do Your Puppies Socialize?  

Socialization is very important for a puppy’s development. Ask the breeder how they introduce puppies to various experiences, people, and environments. A well-socialized puppy is more likely to adapt seamlessly to your home. 

When Can I Take a Puppy Home?  

It is necessary to know the right time to bring your puppy home. Puppies need time with their littermates and mothers to learn vital social skills. A breeder who prioritizes this phase is serious about the puppy’s development. 

What Are the Requirements to Get One of Your Puppies?  

There could be specific requirements set by the breeder for potential puppy parents. These conditions frequently guarantee that puppies are given acceptable homes where their needs are addressed.  

How Can I Contact You Later On?  

Once you’ve found a potential breeder, make sure you have their contact information for future communication. Do not ignore this as a pup parent. 


You are prepared to make an informed choice when you visit breeders like us now that you have the ultimate puppy checklist in your possession. Know their breeding program. Ask all the above-mentioned questions to ensure you’re welcoming a healthy and happy puppy into your loving home. 


Responsible breeding practices involve meticulous care for the health, genetics, and well-being of both the puppy and the parent dogs. We focus on breeding puppies with high standards of health and temperament.

Different breeds have specific health issues that can arise due to genetics. Reputable breeders know these concerns. They take steps to minimize their impact through genetic testing and responsible breeding.

The breeding program is a proper way to match specific dogs based on their genetics, temperament, and health. The purpose of this approach is to produce puppies with desirable traits and lessen genetic health problems.

A reputable breeder prioritizes the health and well-being of their puppies. They provide comprehensive health clearances, ensure proper socialization, and are transparent about their breeding practices.

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